How to Book

Your Wildwood vacation starts here...

Wildwood Rentals has the perfect vacation rental waiting just for you - no matter your destination in the Wildwood, Southern New Jersey area. Here’s how easy it is to find and book your next Wildwood, Cape May or Villas vacation rental.


  • Enter the area or city where you want to go.
  • Enter your travel dates to get rental availability. Don't have dates yet? That's okay. Search all rentals in the area you wish to vacation. regardless of available dates.
  • Use search filters and narrow results.

Don’t forget to create a free account.

  • Save vacation rentals to your favorites list and easily share them with friends and family.
  • Track all of your messages to and from the owners.
  • Manage booking information in one spot.


Once you find the perfect Wildwood vacation property, contact the owner of the rental directly using the form on the listing.


Have questions about a property?

 Property owners and managers are available and happy to answer any questions you may have prior to - and after - booking.

It’s now easier than ever to plan and book your Wildwood vacation - where the only thing you have to worry about is creating memories.