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Wildwood Boardwalk 2021

Wildwood News - admin - December 27, 2020

This 38 block long boardwalk is full of fun for everyone, young and old. Here you will find countless stores, restaurants, live entertainment, multiple amusement piers and even a water park! With 3 total amusement piers, 2 water parks and countless options for fun, Morey’s Amusement Park is the place your kids will want to spend their summer. You might have trouble getting them to leave!There are over 100 attractionYou’re likely to get pangs of nostalgia while strolling along Wildwood’s two-mile boardwalk, where carnival games, arcades, amusement park rides, junk food and souvenir shops abound. One day is certainly not enough time to explore everything on the Wildwood boardwalk — it has more than 100 rides and attractions! Boardwalk activities range from a morning bike ride along the wooden planks to an evening shopping spree for souvenir T-shirts, hermit crabs and saltwater taffy. A dinner or lunch of Sam’s world-famous pizza and Curley’s fries (Sam’s Pizza and Curley’s Fries are across from each other at 26th street) is an absolute must, as is a ride on the boardwalk Sightseer Tram Car. If you are looking for a cool place where you can ride exciting rides and take your summer fun to a new level, visit Surfside Pier. At this amusement pier you will find a variety of roller coasters sure to make your heart race. At Adventure Pier in Wildwood, NJ, you can participate in a variety of activities not found on other piers. This pier offers helicopter rides, slingshot rides, a roller coaster with a 105 foot drop and much more!

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Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Wildwood News - admin - December 27, 2020

Experience Wildwood’s wonderful history at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a landmark that recently underwent a painstaking restoration. When I initially pulled up to the grounds,

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is located at Hereford Inlet, on First and Central Avenues in North Wildwood. Hereford Light began operations on May 11, 1874. The tower is 49.5 feet tall, with light elevation rising to 57 feet above sea level. The light is visible for 13 nautical miles.

A severe storm in 1913 damaged the light’s foundation, requiring it to be moved westward about 150 feet. In 1964 the old light was replaced by an automatic light tower, but in 1986 the light was again placed in the lighthouse.Free tours of the lighthouse are offered during the summer. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this lighthouse is open for tours, which are a fun way to spend an afternoon if you’re seeking a break from the beach. Tours take visitors through the lighthouse’s many period rooms, and guests are encouraged to explore the surrounding gardens (which are immaculately manicured and, frankly, quite impressive). Tours cost $9 for adults and $3 for children under the age of 11.

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Parasailing in Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood News - admin - November 19, 2020

Parasailing is an exhilarating thrill which you glide through the air wearing an open parachute, being towed along by a powerboat. While up there, you will get a bird’s eye view of the Wildwoods shoreline!


1001 Ocean Drive, Wildwood Crest

Atlantic Parasail has been around since 1987 and has had more than 200,000 flights. The boat ride lasts about 1 and a half hours. You will get to experience a power boat ride, parachuting, ballooning and gliding all in one shot! They offer “Winch Boat Parasailing”, which is the safest form of parasailing. You will take off and land right on the boat. Atlantic Parasail also offers the Thunder Cat Dolphin Watch Speed Boat Adventure, where you can get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the dolphin watch. They were voted the ‘#1 Dolphin Watching Tour’ in all of South Jersey by Trip Advisor. They have a %99 success rate of seeing dolphins and they call the Thunder Cat the “Dolphin Magnet”.


502 W. Rio Grande Blvd, Wildwood

Hang Loose Parasail is Wildwood’s ‘premier parasailing hookup’ and lets out 500 feet of tow line. You will typically be out for 1 and a half hours, but you will be in the air for about 10 to 12 minutes.


1121 Route 109, Cape May

East Coast Water Sports is “Cape May’s Only Parasail Company”. Experience the high-flying thrill, panoramic views, and pure excitement of parasailing with East Coast Water Sports. They offer a variety of different water sports to choose from, including Jet ski and Jet boat rentals and rides.

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Where to Mini Golf in Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood News - admin - November 19, 2020

Mini Golf-


Miniature golf, AKA crazy golf or putt-putt, is a go-to beach vacation activity. Wildwood is home of many fantastic mini golf courses. Here is a sample of a few great courses to enjoy.


3616 Boardwalk, Wildwood

Dragon’s Lair is home of Wildwood’s newest and most exciting black light miniature golf course and is located right on the boardwalk!


4800 Ocean Ave, Wildwood

Starlux Mini Golf has 27 holes, and three courses to play on! The ‘Beach Course’ features the LARGEST artificial sand dune and sandcastle in the entire WORLD!


4501 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood

The Island Miniature Golf Course is the LARGEST mini golf course in Wildwood!

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Pinch the GrYnch 5K Boardwalk Toy Run and 1 Mile Family Walk.

Wildwood News - admin - November 19, 2020

4501 Boardwalk
Wildwood, NJ US 08260

WILDWOODS CONVENTION CENTER…you will see the police cars!

$30 – 5K/1 Mile if you DONT bring a toy
$15 – 5K/1 Mile if you DO bring a toy

All proceeds will benefit the Lynch Who Stole Christmas from the GrYnch Toy, Coat and Food Card Drive

Join the Wildwood Police Department and the Lunch With Lynch Foundation as they take on the GrYnch with their Pinch the GrYnch 5K Boardwalk Toy Run and 1 Mile Family Walk.

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