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Wildwood Beaches

Wildwood News - admin - March 25, 2020

wildwood beaches

Wildwood Beaches

Nearly five miles long and up to a quarter mile wide, Wildwood Beach features clean sands and a family friendly environment. With easy access to the famous boardwalk, this free beach is a fantastic place to spend a sunny day. For many people, there is great joy and good summer business to be found on the widest beach in New Jersey and one of the widest on any coast. For more than a hundred years the beaches have been growing wider.

The beaches keep growing and the town keeps making the most of it. The area hosts some of the largest kite and frisbee festivals in the country, and more than 20,000 to 30,000 people have attended country music concerts on the sand in the past decade.

The vast stretch of sand is less appealing to the elderly and people with wheelchairs and other mobility challenges. Another concern is occasional flooding. Because the sand stands several feet higher than the storm drains in some parts of town, temporary ponds can form in the midst of the beach.

Though an idea to shuttle people to the water line via camel was nixed by the town years ago, some people ease the trip by summoning an all-terrain beach taxi or by using a sled to drag their beach gear. Most just enjoy the extremely walkable sand and the fantastic body surfing in the water.

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